Hand Ice Cream Maker Guide

There is no better reward than the taste of homemade ice cream. Whether you are having a summer picnic, a party or you just want to serve something special to friends, it would be great to have a hand cranked ice cream.It brings back memories when you make an ice cream using a hand ice cream maker.  It may be because of your childhood memories, the experience of taking turns of cranking the ice cream, or tasting the finished product.

What is hand ice cream maker?

The exact origin ofthis ice cream maker is unknown but on September 9, 1943, Nancy Johnson was the first one to patent for it. The patented product produced a smoother ice cream and made it quicker to do. It is shaped like a bucket and uses salt and ice for cooling. These machines work using a hand crank that needs to be continuously churned with the ingredients to make a homemade ice cream.

Benefits of having a hand ice cream maker

  • Its portability
  • It does not need an electricity to work, so you can bring it anywhere and enjoy your own ice cream.
  • Only fewer parts so less prone to equipment failure or breakdown.
  • Good way to reduce calories while turning it so less guilt on eating an ice cream.
  • It is very simple to use even kids will enjoy doing it.

Simple steps in making ice cream by hand

  1. Prep your ice cream churner
  2. Mix the ingredients
  3. Assemble the ice cream maker
  4. Put the ingredients on the churn
  5. Crank it
  6. Best part is to eat the ice cream
  7. Clean the ice cream maker

Want to try the incomparable taste of hank-cranked ice cream, do it on old fashioned way. Keep the tradition alive.

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