Electric Ice Cream Maker Guide

With the advancement of technology, electric ice cream maker has been developed to make our homemade ice cream quick and easy.  We no longer use our hand ice cream maker, no more cranking and no need to exert effort.

The Different Types

Electric ice cream maker has three types that have electric motor which drives the bowl or paddle to stir the mixture, the only difference on these devices are how the cooling is performed.

  • Counter-top machines – a doubled-wall bowl that needs to be frozen twenty four hours before using it. If it is already frozen, you can put the bowl on the machine, add the mixture and switched on the ice cream maker. It is affordable but you can only make one batch of ice cream at a time unless you have extra bowl that was frozen.
  • Small freezer-unit machines – stays inside the freezer and works similar on food processor but in slow motion. No more pre-freezing bowl, some say because of its slow motion method, it produces lower quality ice cream.
  • Larger freezer-unit machines – this is more expensive machine that have a built in freezing mechanism and pre-freezing bowl is no longer necessary. You just need to switch on the machine, pour in the mixture and wait for few minutes and voila, you can now have your own homemade ice cream. You can do several batches of ice cream with no delay.

Advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages of having an ice cream maker that’s electric is the speed, you can have your ice cream in less time and no more effort. The disadvantages are noise level; it is very much different from hand ice cream.  It is powered by electricity so you cannot just use it or take it anywhere.

Ice cream is still delicious whatever method you use.

Electric Ice Cream Makers Reviews Online

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